The Galvin Report

The Galvin Report, named after Robert Galvin, the EU Internal Audit official whose name is on its front cover, was written at the end of 2006 as an audit of the expenses and allowances claimed by a sample of more than 160 MEPs. The existence of this shocking report was kept secret until February 2008 when news of its existence was made public by Chris Davies MEP. Even then, its contents remained secret and a select group of MEPs were only allowed to read the report individually in a locked and guarded room.

The Report’s findings include the following:

  1. Serious and repeated anomalies in payments for office assistance and services.
  2. Dubious large cash payments are made to staff and service providers over and above salaries.
  3. Improper registration and tax compliance of service providers.
  4. Invoicing is lax or non-existent.
  5. Some MEPs are paying set amounts straight into the coffers of their political parties.
  6. Paying Agents’ expense claims are opaque or even unrecorded.

After news of this report broke and they were accused of perpetrating a “massive” fraud, MEPs voted not to publish it and to keep their expenses scams secret.

To download part one of the report, click here (PDF, 4.17 MB).
To download part two of the report, click here (PDF, 4.01 MB).
To download part three of the report, click here (PDF, 2.05 MB).
To download part four of the report, click here (PDF, 1.78 MB).