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Joachim von Ribbentrop:
Speech on the prolongation
of the Anti-Comintern Pact

November 26, 1941

The prolongation of the Anti-Comintern Pact on 25 November 1941 was used by the Nazi leaders to launch for the first time an elaborate propaganda campaign for the ‘New Order’ and the ‘New Europe’. The main themes of the keynote speech by Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop were Anglo-American intransigence and the common interest of Europeans in averting the Bolshevik danger.

(…)Today we once again confirm the solidarity of our destiny, when the victorious armies of Germany and her allies have already penetrated deep into Soviet Russian territory, dealing deadly blows to that appalling system which had been working for years to undermine and destroy our culture. But we are no longer alone. On the immense front stretching from the Arctic to the Black Sea, Germans and Italians, Finns and Rumanians, Hungarians and Slovaks, Spanish legionaries and volunteers from many countries, speaking many tongues, are displaying a true brotherhood in arms, ready for even the supreme sacrifice. They are a shinning example of the already existing and constantly growing moral unity of Europe within the New Order that our great leaders have proclaimed and prepared for the future of civilized nations. Herein lies the deep meaning of the war against Bolshevism. It is the sign of Europe’s spiritual regeneration. (…)

(…) One thing is of course clear, that since British policy has plunged Europe into war, our continent cannot thereafter be rebuilt in a day. Birth-pangs there will certainly be: in many ways people will have to adapt and get used to the new situation. But, while there will be much to clarify and discuss and regulate, most people in Europe are already fully agreed on one thing: Britain must be kept out of Europe once and for all. Too long have the British made mischief of the continent, playing off one power against another, intriguing and fomenting wars which they nearly always caused to be fought with other’s blood. Today every child knows this, and Europe is determined once and for all to be rid of this English policy. Even France is beginning to develop a European conscience on this subject. This last English war, which has once again brought sorrow and tears to out countries, has brought about a change in the minds of Europeans faster than many years of peace could have done. Although some for selfish reasons refuse to see this or at any rate to admit it, one fact is indisputable: the peoples of Europe have come closer together. Although here and there sections of opinion may still hesitate, the British alliance with Bolshevism against Europe has opened the eyes even of such doubters. Every European knows that today the British would like nothing better that to see old Europe collapse and be engulfed by a Bolshevik catastrophe, in the hope, utopian though it is, that they could then remain safe for a time on their island and even one day again incite the continent against the East. But Europe has awakened from its lethargy and has decided otherwise. It has united its forces, and we now have to uplifting experience of seeing one European nation after another – mostly Britain’s former allies or countries which Britain pushed into war against Germany and thus into misery – turn away from Britain and towards us, offering their sons to help fight the common Bolshevik enemy. For the first time in history Europe is on the path towards unity – a momentous development indeed! The keen instinct of peoples has shown them the right way despite the designs of their former governments, who are today emigres in London sitting round a table with Churchill, Stalin’s ally – men of whom their disillusioned peoples wish to hear nothing ever again. Today the sons of almost every European nation are fighting in the East to preserve the life and culture of our continent. The blood shed in this common struggle will count for more than all the traditions of a bygone age. The new Europe is on the march – it cannot be stopped or deflected from its path – it marches on, whether Mr Churchill and Mr Roosevelt and their Jewish backers like it or not. The peoples of our continent will build up the new Europe and will tolerate interference from no one, war or no war. Militarily impregnable and economically assured of our needs, we can organize our continent politically just as if it were peace-time. And if bombers continue to fly over us for a while longer, we shall see to it that they are paid back tenfold. If it were necessary, Europe today could fight a thirty years’ war without even itself being in serious danger. With the increasing unity and solidarity of its peoples our continent will be an ever stronger factor against anyone who dares to attack Europe.

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