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Werner Daitz:
The reorganization of Europe
on a racial and territorial basis

Second half of 1940

Daitz attempts to deduce the ‘law’ of different Lebensräume from European history; Britain has played a pernicious role by selfishly preventing Europe from concentrating on its own problems. It is the mission of National Socialism to uphold the new principle of European order.

(…) This European revolution first asserted itself in Germany and Italy, in National Socialism and Fascism. The National Socialist and Fascist revolutions, like the Falangist and others that will follow, are national solutions, parts of the general European revolution. It follows that they have not only national but also European objectives. Their providential leaders, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, are therefore not only the greatest men of Germany and Italy, but also the greatest Europeans. They are not only the leaders of their national revolutions but also of the European revolution, the reorganization of the European continent of a basis of race and territory. Under Adolf Hitler the first Reich has again arisen with its politico-territorial base in the North and Baltic area, its soldierly life-style and, in foreign affairs, the undertaking that first and foremost and in all circumstances it will pursue the continental policy that has been interrupted for a thousand years. In the same way, the Roman Empire has come to life again under Benito Mussolini in Fascist Rome as their ruler of the Mediterranean are and has indissolubly united with the German Reich to form the axis of European policy based on Lebensräume. Thus the North and Baltic Sea area under German rule and the Mediterranean under Italy combine to give Europe fresh unity and strength. In the economic field, too, alongside the yen, dollar and rupee areas there is now a Reichmark area as a sign of the economic consolidation of the racial Lebensräume and of a better economic order in place of the dying British world economic system. They proclaim a new European morality: that just as the individual cannot with impunity transgress the higher law of the racial community into which he is born, so a people cannot with impunity transgress the higher law of the community to which it belongs by race or violate the political, economic and cultural interest, rights and duties which arise organically from it. The European community of peoples, the common Lebensraum of the white race, demands from each of its people the same discipline that the national community imposes on every one of its citizens. In this way the peoples of Europe must again be Europeanized, so that they once more become citizens of their continent and, thereafter, of the world. Europe for the Europeans!

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