What a NO Vote Means
for the People of Ireland

Independence From the Yoke of the “Brussels EU” is a Precondition for Ireland to Become a Model Nation for Independent 21st Century Technologies and a Shining Example for the Future of Europe and the World.

Don’t be intimidated by threats that Ireland will be isolated from Europe if it votes “No”, or that voting “Yes” is vital for Ireland’s economic recovery. Neither of these claims are true. Only good things will come out of a “No” vote. In fact a “No” vote is the basis for Ireland to become a leader in cleaner, greener, independent 21st century technologies in key areas of life, for Europe and the entire world.

Ireland has a unique geographical position and a strong heritage in agriculture, fisheries and other nature-based industries. Protecting and developing this heritage, and maintaining its independent status, is in the best interests of the Irish people and is the basis for future prosperity. Below are some examples of how this unique heritage can be used to develop 21st technologies to

Making Ireland a Model Nation for GMO-free Agriculture and Pesticide-free Organic Food

Centuries of agricultural independence are being threatened by the oil and drug cartel and its promotion of GMOs across Europe. Approval for the Lisbon Treaty would open the floodgates for GMOs to destroy Ireland’s agricultural heritage and create a fateful dependency for farmers and consumers alike upon the GMO multinationals.

This threat is, at the same time, a historic opportunity for the people of Ireland to develop alternative strategies and promote safe and independent 21st century technologies such as organic farming. Ireland could:

This would avoid a fatal dependency of the Irish population upon the manufacturers of GMO seeds and food.

Making Ireland a Model Nation for Complete National Energy Independence Based on Renewable Energies

Ireland has already become one of the leading nations for renewable energy research. Due to its privileged geographical position, it is predestined to take a global leadership role towards the development of national energy policies that are

The key renewable energy technologies, were Ireland to take a significant economic and scientific leadership role in this area, include wind, solar, tidal, hydrogen and biomass energies.

All these technologies are technically available right now and merely need to be further developed and optimized for mass application.

By doing so, the people of Ireland would be making a strategic contribution to reduce their dependency upon the petrochemical cartel and would be helping to free the world from the tyranny of oil.

Protecting the Independence of the Irish Fishing Industry and Developing New, Innovative Marine Industries

Because of the EU and its fishing policies, which favour non-EU imports and the fleets of larger EU member states, Irish fishermen are

Meantime, the EU is considering giving the go-ahead to the commercial breeding of genetically-modified fish, despite the potential health risk to humans and devastating impact it would have

A “Yes” vote to the Lisbon Treaty would accelerate these deeply worrying developments and could ultimately result in the devastation of the entire Irish fishing industry.

As such, protecting the independence of the Irish fishing industry means voting “NO” on October 2. Moreover, in this area too, the current threats from the “Brussels EU” provide a unique opportunity to develop strategies towards new, innovative and highly responsible uses of the abundant Irish marine habitat. These areas include the cultivation of marine flora and fauna for nutritional and medicinal use.

Protecting Irish Workers Rights

A “Yes” vote on October 2 would result in the rights of Irish workers becoming su bser vient to tho se of business. Trade unions had sought the inclusion of a social progress clause in the Lisbon Treaty w hich, had it been included, would have made clear that the fundamental right to organise and the right to strike were in no way subordinate to the intere sts of multinational corporations and their markets. However, this was rejected.

As such, given the way in which workers pay and conditions have already come under attack from the bureaucracy of the “Brussel s EU” in recent years, it is now clear that, in the event of the passing of the Lisbon Treaty, t he profit i nterests of multinational corporations would have legal precedence over the rights of Irish workers. By saying “No” on October 2, the workers of Ireland could s et a precedent for their colleagues across Europe to stand firm against this undermining of basic workers’and trade union rights.

Making Ireland a Model Nation for 21st Century Medical

Starting with the criminal experiments on innocent concentration camp inmates, documented in the Nuremberg Tribunal, BAYER, HOECHST and other members of the pharmaceutical drug cartel have strategically developed highly toxic “chemo”-therapieswith dubious, often deadly results.

New scientific research shows that the most effective preventive and therapeutic agents to control leukemia and other thus far untreatable diseases are plant-derived biological agents that include polyphenols, sulforaphanes as well as other micronutrients. Some of these substances are contained in high amounts in broccoli and other cruciferous plants that are abundantly cultivated in Ireland.

Similarly, omegafatty acids derived from fish have been widely acknowledged to have blood-thinning and other cardiovascular protective properties that outshine the blood-thinning properties of BAYER’s Aspirin due to their natural source and safety.

The world’s largest online library, the US government’s National Library of Medicine already lists hundreds of research and clinical studies documenting the benefits of these natural compounds

Thus, by voting “No” to the “Brussels EU”, Ireland could become a model nation in the field of phyto-biologicals and marine-derived therapies and could become a leader in this innovative field of 21st century medicine.

National Independence!

By rejecting the so-called Lisbon Treaty on October 2nd, Ireland could take its future into its own hands, rather than subjecting itself to the interests behind the “Brussels EU”. In the area of national security, Ireland could maintain its traditional position of neutrality and avoid being coerced into joining or supporting any European army. Moreover, as summarized here, Ireland could become a model nation for key 21st century technologies that can literally help to improve millions of lives in Ireland, Europe and the world.

All of the above are only possible if the people of Ireland vote NO on October 2!