Your NO Vote Will Protect Democracy
For the People of Europe

When the people of Ireland vote NO on October 2, it will be a victory for democracy for Ireland and a beacon of liberty for Europe and the entire world. Any democratic person sees that before a decision can be taken about the future political structure of Europe, the people of Europe must first have the right to determine and to vote on a democratic constitution that enshrines their fundamental and inalienable rights as citizens of Europe for all time. Then, and only then, can we – the people of Europe, the ultimate sovereign power – delegate the power to govern us to anyone. It is irresponsible toward this and all future generations to give up this sovereign right to a fundamentally undemocratic construct like the “Brussels EU”.

Centuries of Irish Influence upon Global Democracy

Few nations in the history of our planet have had a greater influence on the spread of democracy than that of Ireland. At least 25 presidents of the United States – including George Washington, Andrew Jackson and other founding fathers of that country – have Irish ancestoral origins.

These men carried the Irish values of liberty, democracy and freedom and made them the constitutional foundation of one of the most advanced democracies in the world. In the United States, these fundamental constitutional values were recently put to test when President Barack Obama was voted into office to end an abusive era of government. The election of Obama was carried by a vast movement of people who took advantage of their constitutional right to end what even the New York Times had described as a “tyranny”.

In contrast, the Lisbon Treaty would categorically exclude such democratic processes for the people of Europe – both today and in the future. The de-facto government appointed by the “Brussels EU” – the EU Commission – can never be removed from office by the people of Europe, no matter how grave their abuses and their “tyranny”.

Since the people of every other country in Europe have been denied the right to vote on the Lisbon Treaty, the Irish people have the opportunity and responsibility to become the guardians of freedom and democracy for Europe and the world.

Vote NO for Ireland

Whatever your politicians might try and tell you, the fact is that Ireland is by no means alone in opposing the Lisbon Treaty. Presidents and Constitutional Courts in those countries that were most affected by the previous conquest of the oil and drug cartel during WWII have been particularly active in opposing it:

The Irish referendum on October 2 is not simply an Irish battle. It is a European battle fought on Irish soil, a battle between the people of Europe who want democracy and the oil and drug cartel that wants to cement its rule over Europe through the “Brussels EU”.