Reaction to Our Education Campaign

The following reaction is representative for many and reflects the anger of thousands:

Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009
Subject: Letter received in Ireland

Dr Rath,

I would just like to thank you for informing me about this history. I am furious that the Irish Times would not publish your expose, and just don't understand how people - the editors, choose what is acceptable and what is not.

I will be writing to them, and telling them that they can go to hell. And I will never buy nor will any member of my family buy another print of their 'paper'.

Their job should not be to choose what to censor. Especially something as important as this. I will definitely be voting 'no' today, but I have an intuition that measures have been set up to facilitate the passing of this 'treaty' regardless what the ballots read.

Thank you,