Possible Reactions by the Cartel
and its Media to this Exposure

As a result of this exposure, the Irish Times and certain other pro-Brussels media may attempt to attack Dr. Rath and his Foundation by claiming that they are interfering in Irish affairs.

The fact is, however, that all of the other European countries have been denied the right to vote by the political executors of the oil and drug cartel. By doing so, they themselves have made Ireland a battleground in the fight for democracy for all of Europe.

The cartel may also chose to defame the Foundation – a strategy it has been pursuing around the world for years, through its media, in response to the exposure of the criminal past of the oil and drug cartel. This is about the only strategy left to it since it can’t dare to seek a legal interdiction of the historical truth. But the more it shouts, the more it has to hide.

Irrespective of whatever the cartel does, it will be up to You, the reader of this information, to disseminate these important facts to everyone you know.

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