Is Ireland the Only Remaining
Democracy in Europe?

Why Brussels' EU is Already Doomed

The Brussels EU Construct to Control Europe

While some European politicians are still trying to sell the new EU Treaty to the people as the foundation for a bright, democratic future for Europe, the entire construct of Brussels’ EU is already doomed. No political body portrayed as “democratic” can survive the following facts:

So, if the entire world knows the facts, why do some politicians still try to fool us? The answer is: Brussels’ EU was never intended to pave the way to a democratic Europe. To the contrary. In the second half of 2008 France is taking over the EU Presidency. Sarkozy, a prominent stakeholder of today’s oil and drug cartel, has already signalled his intent to establish a European army and police force.

The European Market from Lisbon to Sofia - Then and Now


The Conscience of Mankind

With the refusal of most European governments to tell the truth about Brussels’ EU, their credibility has plummeted to an all time low. In this situation there is, therefore, an objective need for “voices of conscience.” One of the groups with undoubtedly the greatest credibility are the people who suffered most from the military conquest of Europe by the oil and drug cartel during WWII – the survivors of the Auschwitz death camp.

On November 13, 2007, exactly one month before the EU Treaty was signed, survivors of Nazi death camps met in the city of Auschwitz to propose to the people of Europe a “Constitution for the People, by the People.

Significantly, these “guardians of memory” chose to focus this historic document on the banning of patents for life, health and food. Only if the motive of corporate greed is eliminated from these key sectors of society – which are the basis of multi-trillion Euro markets – will the people of Europe have a chance to prevent future wars and build a truly democratic Europe.

One of the organizations chosen by these Auschwitz survivors to carry their “Relay of Life and Remembrance” is the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. The Foundation helped to break the 60 year silence about the corporate background of WWII by publishing the records of the crimes of the oil and drug cartel online.

This publication in the Irish Times is not part of a political agenda but a commitment to the me mory of Auschwitz and to future generations.