Key Documents

All modern democracies around the world have one principle in common: their power derives from the people.

This is not so with the “Brussels EU”. The “government” of this construct – the EU Commission – is appointed on behalf of corporate interests. No man or woman in Europe today, or in the future, will have the right to vote for this government or to terminate its rule once it no longer serves the interests of the people.

The key characteristics of the undemocratic nature of the “Brussels EU” are summarised here.

If the “Brussels EU” is not a democracy – it must be a dictatorship. This fact may be new to some readers of this website, but it is certainly not new to the architects of the “Brussels EU”. They now openly admit that it is not a democracy by proclaiming the so-called “post democratic era.”

Considering these sobering facts, one may wonder from where does such an undemocratic construct originate. To find out, one does not need to search far: The blueprints for the “Brussels EU” come from the previous attempt of corporate interests – namely, the German oil and drug cartel IG Farben (Bayer, BASF and Hoechst) – to conquer and control Europe.

On the following pages, we document the blueprints for the “Brussels EU” in historical documents. These documents unequivocally show that WWII was not the act of a psychopathic leader but a military attempt for global conquest to control the newly–emerging market of patented chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Blueprint of “Brussels EU”

Origin of “Brussels EU”

Dictatorship plan of “Brussels EU”