Unlawful interference, threats and propaganda lead to Irish voting ‘Yes’ on Lisbon Treaty

On Friday, 2nd October 2009, the people of Ireland voted - for the second time in less than eighteen months - on the so-called ‘Lisbon Treaty’.

Previously, in June 2008, the Irish people had voted a decisive ‘No’ to this undemocratic treaty, thus mirroring the decisions of the French and Dutch electorates who had voted against the EU Constitution - with which the treaty shares 96 percent of its content - in 2005.

On this occasion, however, following unlawful political interference from the EU Commission; widespread threats and lies to the Irish electorate - including propaganda that a ‘No’ vote would condemn Ireland to economic isolation; corporate interference from the likes of Ryanair (who spent half a million euros campaigning for a ‘Yes’), Intel (who spent several hundred thousand) and multi-billion euro drug company Pfizer (who openly warned of a “flight of capital” from Ireland if it voted ‘No’); and, not least of all, the blatant sweeping away of Ireland’s guidelines on media impartiality, the Irish people voted ‘Yes’.

Despite this outcome, however, the proof that the blueprint of the “Brussels EU” was drawn up by the IG Farben/Nazi coalition during WWII irreversibly marks the beginning of the end for the EU experiment.

With the growing international attention that the information on our EU Facts website is receiving, public awareness of the dark roots of the ‘Brussels EU’ can no longer be contained.

Already, during the past year, we have witnessed how the EU’s elections in 2009 will go down in history as the definitive moment at which the majority of its citizens signaled that they no longer supported it. Almost 60 percent of the people of Europe who were eligible to vote in this election protested against the EU construct by deliberately abstaining. Moreover, a further 4 percent of the eligible electorate cast deliberate votes against the EU dictatorship by voting for parties that are anti-EU and/or opposed to the Lisbon Treaty.

Similarly, a recent ruling by the German Constitutional Court, on Germany’s ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, still further erodes the credibility of the “Brussels EU”. In a decisive blow to the EU’s increasingly empty claims of democratic legitimacy, the judges clearly stated that the European Parliament is terminally undemocratic.

As such, it is becoming increasingly clear that the “Brussels EU” is flying ever closer to its inevitable demise.

For, just like Icarus, the figure in Greek mythology, who, armed with artificial wings made out of wax, tried to fly higher and higher until he reached the sun, the “Icarus Sect” of today – the “Brussels EU” - is flying dangerously close to the sealing of its fate.

Icarus fell to his death when the heat of the sun melted his wings. His fate precisely mirrors that which will ultimately befall the “Brussels EU”, which, through the "heat" of the truth published on this website, is now witnessing the beginning of its own demise.

What you must do to help bring about the end of the “Brussels EU”

Forward these web pages to everyone you know, including your friends, family and work colleagues. Discuss them in your sports club, church, trade union meetings and at every social or cultural functions you attend to ensure that everyone knows about them.

Sign the European Referendum Initiative’s petition rejecting the Lisbon Treaty.

Sign the European Referendum Initiative’s petition for a Europe for the People, by the People.

Write to your politicians at local, national and European level and tell them what you have learned about the dark history of the ‘Brussels EU’ and the role of the ‘Brussels EU’ today.