Irish Times Exposed for Misleading
the Irish Public in Connection with
the “Brussels EU” Referendum

A few days before the Irish referendum on October 2, Ireland may have its biggest scandal yet surrounding this important vote. At the centre of it is the Irish Times. The newspaper is being exposed as trying to manipulate the people of Ireland into voting ‘Yes’ on the Lisbon Treaty, by blocking decisive facts and spreading misleading information.

These are the facts:

  1. The dark roots of the Brussels EU

    It is a sobering fact that the “Brussels EU” is a fundamentally undemocratic construct. Its highest body, the EU Commission, is appointed on behalf of corporate interests – namely the oil and drug cartel – and operates beyond any democratic control. If the so-called ‘Lisbon Treaty’ is ratified, the people of Europe will have given away – for generations to come – their right to terminate such a government even if it no longer serves their interests.

    The people of Europe deserve to know that this construct is no coincidence and that its blueprint derives from the drawing boards of the oil and drug cartel’s previous attempt to conquer and control Europe. Newly exposed documents from the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal unequivocally document that the German oil and drug cartel IG Farben financed the rise of the Nazi party and prepared them technically and logistically for war – in return for receiving the key industries in the occupied countries of Europe.

    The Nuremberg documents also reveal how the IG Farben/Nazi coalition planned to rule post-WWII Europe under their control. The centrepiece of these plans was a Europe-wide “Greater Sphere” cartel organization that would determine all aspects of life from “Lisbon to Sofia” – without any democratic control. These plans became the blueprint of the “Brussels EU”.

  2. The Role of the Dr. Rath Foundation

    In 2007, the Dr. Rath Foundation received tens of thousands of authentic historical records from the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal that clearly identified WWII as the previous attempt of the oil and drug cartel to conquer Europe militarily and control it economically.

    As a consequence of publishing these documents, and thus unmasking the criminal past of the oil and drug cartel – namely its role behind WWII and the construction of the “Brussels EU” – our Foundation has been relentlessly attacked by certain media.

    As a consequence of publishing these documents, and thus unmasking the criminal past of the oil and drug cartel – namely its role behind WWII and the construction of the “Brussels EU” – our Foundation has been relentlessly attacked by certain media.

    In turn, for the civil courage to expose these important historical facts – as well as revealing the cartel’s global strategies today – our Foundation has been awarded the ‘Relay of Life’ award by the Auschwitz survivors. This is particularly significant since this group of extraordinary people became synonymous around the world for the suffering they endured during the last attempt of the oil and drug cartel to conquer Europe.

  3. Irish Times refuses to inform the people of Ireland

    Already, in 2007, when evaluating these important documents, we realised that they had been deliberately withheld from the people of Europe and the world for more than six decades. Considering the fact that the oil and drug cartel was just about to complete its next attempt to seize control over Europe – via the “Brussels EU” – we felt it to be our duty to inform the people of Europe about these relevant facts. In January 2008, we contacted the Irish Times and offered to pay for the publication of this information in their newspaper. After considering our offer, the Irish Times refused to publish the information with the remarkable explanation that “We would not publish it, even if it were true.”

    Thus, the Irish Times decided to withhold what is without doubt the most crucial information about the origins of the “Brussels EU”.

    In June 2008 – even without this information – the people of Ireland voted against the Lisbon Treaty – the ‘enabling act for the “Brussels EU” – in their first referendum.

  4. Dr. Rath Foundation informs the people of Ireland

    The oil and drug cartel and its political stakeholders behind the “Brussels EU” did not accept the Irish ‘No’ vote. In a breath-taking scenario of bribery and coercion, they forced the people of Ireland to vote again – whilst, at the same, refusing a referendum in all 26 other European countries. With this obvious strategy, the cartel interests made Ireland the main battleground for the future of Europe.

    Considering this fact, our Foundation decided that it is our historic responsibility to make sure that the people of Ireland – now representing the interests of the people of all of Europe – know the historic facts about the “Brussels EU” before they vote on October 2.

    To overcome the blockade in the Irish Times and other media, we chose to inform the people of Ireland via a fact-sheet distributed directly to the homes of the people.

  5. Irish Times manipulates the people of Ireland

    Realising that its information blockade had been broken, the Irish Times embarked upon another strategy:

    • Misleading the Irish people about the motives for the distribution of our fact-sheet.

      The Irish Times infers that the motive behind the distribution of our fact-sheet was to serve the personal economic interests of a “millionaire”. However, it is a publicly documented fact that the entire Dr. Rath organization is 100% owned by a legally-registered non-profit foundation that exists to serve the public good.

    • Misleading the Irish people about their own health.

      Dr. Rath is a world-renowned scientist who, among others, worked with the two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling. He has pioneered new therapeutic approaches to the prevention and treatment of cancer and other diseases. Over the past decade, his discoveries have been repeatedly attacked by the pharmaceutical industry and its front organizations for one reason only: They undermine the multi-billion dollar investment business with patented drugs.

      Nevertheless, in its article, the Irish Times attempts to create doubt about the validity of Dr. Rath’s research and its immediate significance for the health and lives of millions of people worldwide, particularly cancer patients.

      However, the Irish Times must be aware that Dr. Rath’s pioneering work in this field has recently been confirmed in a spectacular way. Among others, the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in the United States has confirmed that the natural therapies advocated by Dr. Rath years ago – including polyphenols from green tea – are effective therapies to cure thus far untreatable forms of human cancers such as leukaemias. By spreading misleading information and discouraging its readers from taking advantage of these new therapeutic approaches to fight cancer – that could save the lives of countless thousands of people in Ireland – the Irish Times is not only compromising the health of its readers but is exposing itself to being called to account by cancer patients and their families alike.

  6. Exposed: Irish Times defends the interests of the oil and drug cartel

    A few days before the Irish referendum on October 2, the Irish Times may be at the center of the biggest scandal yet in connection with this referendum. The newspaper is being exposed as trying to manipulate the people of Ireland into voting “Yes” – and thereby handing over freedom and democracy in Ireland and Europe to the cartel interests controlling the “Brussels EU.”

    By trying to manipulate the people of Ireland on such critical issues ahead of the decisive October 2 vote, the Irish Times has made it clear for everyone to see that it sides with the interests of the oil and drug cartel and its plan to control the future of Ireland – and Europe.

  7. Consequences for the Irish people

    As disturbing as it is, the scandal now surrounding the Irish Times could serve as a wake-up call to the people of Ireland as to how far their country – a beacon of democracy throughout history – has already been undermined by interests serving directly or indirectly the oil and drug cartel.

    Everyone realizing the dimension of this Irish Times scandal should realize that the erratic actions of this newspaper have one goal only: to block – by all means possible – the dissemination of information about the criminal roots of the “Brussels EU.”

    The aggressive tone chosen by the Irish Times in this debate reveals how devastating the exposure of this information must be for the interests this newspaper represents.

    As such, every person in Ireland who does not wish to support these interests should vote “No” on October 2 – for the benefit of the people of Ireland and of all people of Europe who were not even given a chance to vote.

    Then, and only then, will independence, freedom and democracy prevail in Ireland and Europe for this and all future generations.

Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty!