Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty!

Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty!
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On October 2, the people of Ireland will vote on the so-called “Treaty of Lisbon”, the proposed constitution-like platform for the future of Europe. This unique opportunity for the people of Ireland to exert their democratic right is the result of a century-long battle of the Irish people for freedom and independence.

Amazingly, however, the people of the other 26 nations of Europe were denied the basic democratic right to vote on the future of their continent.

Apparently, the architects of the “Brussels EU” were afraid that during any European-wide vote, the fundamentally undemocratic nature of the Lisbon Treaty, as the legal platform to cement corporate control over Europe, would be unmasked. What is at stake is the takeover of the economic, social and even private lives of the European people by corporate interests – namely, those of the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry – or, the preservation of democracy, liberty and freedom.

What is at stake on October 2 is not just the future of the people of Ireland but the future of 500 million people living in Europe today and many millions more as yet unborn. In this historic situation, the disenfranchised people of Europe turn to the people of Ireland and call upon them to vote on their behalf.


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5 Key Reasons to Vote ‘NO’ on the Lisbon Treaty

  1. No separation of constitutional powers, the hallmark of any democracy.
  2. No possibility for the people to democratically elect their president.
  3. No possibility for the people to elect the “European Commission” - the executive level or cabinet of the European government which will be “appointed” under the influence of special interests.
  4. No possibility for the European Parliament to effectively control this future “government of Europe”.
  5. No possibility for the people to replace an executive level of government that has abused and reduced their human rights.

The 2nd of October will become European Democracy Day – the first Europe-wide public holiday – but only if you vote NO!

Ireland is a beacon of hope for democracy and liberty around the world.

On behalf of the people of Europe:
Vote NO to the Lisbon Treaty!