Dictatorship Plan of “Brussels EU”

The financial groups behind the oil and drug cartel are interested in controlling giant global markets that affect literally every human life. Prominent examples of this are the areas of food, health and energy. Over the past century, the oil and drug cartel has expanded its markets in these three areas into multi-trillion euro investment businesses. By now, every person in Europe pays about forty per cent of his or her disposable income as “tributes” to this cartel. However, all three of these markets are being threatened by new technologies that could easily replace these antiquated technologies – thereby threatening the cartel’s survival.

In this situation, the oil and drug cartel can no longer survive in a democracy. This is why the decisions taken in Brussels are being made by hand-picked executors – the EU Commission. These executors design the laws, regulations and directives for the people of Europe behind the walls of a collosal building in Brussels, with the help of an army of tens of thousands of technocrats. Just like the “Four Year Plan” office in Berlin seven decades ago, this building serves as the strategic office for the planning and implementation of the takeover of Europe by the cartel.

Exemplified areas where the “Brussels EU” plans to affect every person’s life in Europe are: