Deception and Reality: How the EU is Being Portrayed to the People of Ireland

Claim 1: This referendum is just about Ireland. The “Brussels EU” wants to make the Irish people believe that the referendum on October 2 is just about Ireland.

The facts are: In light of the fact that the rest of Europe has been deprived of its right to vote on this treaty, the referendum in Ireland is of significance for the entire continent. The Irish people are representing the hopes of all Europeans for a democratic future.

Claim 2: Democracy. The “Brussels EU” is being portrayed to the people of Ireland as a beacon of democracy that would guarantee comprehensive democratic rights to the Irish people for generations to come.

The facts are: The “Brussels EU” is a fundamentally undemocratic construct. Its democratically elected organ – the EU parliament – has little or no control over its executive, the EU Commission. This Commission – a would-be “European government” – is selected on behalf of special interest groups: namely the petrochemical/ pharmaceutical industry, otherwise known as the oil and drug cartel. Nobody in Ireland, or in the rest of Europe, will ever be able to vote for or against it.

Look behind the mask of the Brussels EU

Claim 3: A modern association of sovereign states. The “Brussels EU” is being portrayed to the people of Ireland and Europe as an association of independent states that have voluntarily chosen to relinquish their borders to create a joint future for centuries to come.

The facts are: The roots of the “Brussels EU” derive from the unholy coalition between the German oil and drug cartel – IG Farben – and the Nazis, for a post-WWII Europe under their control. In fact, the “Brussels EU” construct is an almost exact copy of the blueprint drawn up by this coalition.

The only thing that can prevent Europe from being turned into an Orwellian dictatorship on behalf of the oil and drug cartel is your ‘No’ vote!

Claim 4: Prosperity. Millions of people in Ireland – workers, farmers and small businesses – are being told that if they vote “No” then Ireland would face economic isolation or even total collapse. They are being pressured into a “Yes” vote with the promise of economic prosperity.

The facts are: The “Brussels EU” construct has been drawn up by the leading industrial powers – namely, Germany and France – to create a European superstate that they could impose their economic, political, social and judicial control over via bureaucratic apparatus under their command. This control is being maintained by forcing patented hitech products into all strategic areas of society, including nutrition (GMOs), health (patented drugs) and energy (oil). The national industries of Ireland – and all other smaller European countries – would be marginalised, inevitably resulting in economic crises and widespread poverty.

Claim 5: Better health. Serving the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, the “Brussels EU” parades its ambition to become the “pharmacy of the world” and promotes the patented drugs of its sponsors.

The facts are: The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion euro investment business that thrives on the continuation and expansion of diseases as markets for its

Claim 6: Human rights. The “Brussels EU” claims that human rights are one of its core values.

The facts are: The Brussels bureaucracy has prepared directives and other legislation that are capable of curtailing just about any human right and is gradually turning Ireland and the rest of Europe into a police state. In accordance with its plans to turn Europe into a superstate under its control, the “Brussels EU” is curtailing the basic human rights of 500 million people. Toward this end, it has passed directives that allow it to spy on all bank accounts, telephone calls, web sites visited and emails sent.

Claim 7: Promise of neutrality. In light of the history of the Irish people and their striving for liberty and neutrality, the ‘Brussels EU’ has promised to respect these values in return for a “Yes” vote.

The only things that can stop this military build-up in Europe are the Irish people and a ‘No’ vote on October 2!

The facts are: The Lisbon Treaty – the enabling act for the rule of the oil and drug cartel over Europe – contains an extensive section about the militarisation of Europe, including the establishment of a European army. By voting ‘Yes’ to the Lisbon Treaty, the Irish people would exchange their centuries-long independence for the role of a junior partner in the planned militarisation of Europe.

Claim 8: Promise of peace. The interest groups behind the ‘Brussels EU’ are trying to obtain a ‘Yes’ vote from the Irish people by promising them a peaceful future.

The facts are: The oil and drug cartel is strategically militarising the European nations as a military superpower to defend its economic interests anywhere in the world with military means – including the option of nuclear weapons.