Economic alternatives to the “Brussels EU”

Independence from the yoke of the “Brussels EU” is the precondition for the protection and preservation of true democracy, long-term economic prosperity, independence from cartel interests and the personal freedom of the people.

The people of Europe should not be intimidated by any threats from the oil and drug cartel and its political stakeholders in the “Brussels EU” that the future of Europe depends upon the acceptance of this undemocratic construct.

In fact, the opposite is true. Only good things will come out of a resounding “No” by the people of Europe to any form of corporate dictatorship that seeks to control their lives.

The people of Europe and the world are ready to embrace the new technologies that are heavily fought against by the “Brussels EU”. These areas include science-based natural health (ending the tyranny of the drug cartel) and renewable energies (ending the tyranny of the oil cartel).

The following pages provide some examples showing how the people would benefit by freeing themselves from the yoke of the “Brussels EU” and building a modern Europe that is based upon safe, environmentally-friendly technologies and fundamentally democratic principles.

Examples for Ireland:

Making Ireland a Model Nation for GMO-free Agriculture and Pesticide-free Organic Food

Making Ireland a Model Nation for Complete National Energy Independence Based on Renewable Energies

Protecting the Independence of the Irish Fishing Industry and Developing New, Innovative Marine Industries

Making Ireland a Model Nation for 21st Century Medical

Examples for other countries:

Hydrogen Energy

The Science of Cellular Health

Political alternatives to the “Brussels EU”

The best expression of the understanding of democracy held by the corporate interests behind the “Brussels EU” is the fact that they categorically deny the people of Europe the right to vote on the Lisbon Treaty – the document that would determine the future of Europe.

In other words, the interests behind the “Brussels EU” have shown to the people of Europe that democracy is to be replaced by their dictatorial rule.

The position of any democratic person has to be fundamentally the opposite: Before any decision can be taken about the future of Europe, we the people must first have the right to determine and vote upon a democratic constitution.

The precondition for our approval of such a constitution is that it must enshrine the fundamental and inalienable rights of the citizens of Europe that we, the people of Europe, are the ultimate sovereign power. Then, and only then, are we willing to – and, on behalf of future generations, allowed to – delegate the power to govern us to anyone.

On the following pages, you can find some basic outlines for a democratic Europe – by the People, for the People – and some initiatives that have already been taken in this direction.

The basic constitutional structure of a democratic Europe

A Europe by the people, for the people: a wake-up call from survivors of the last attempt by the oil and drug cartel to take control over Europe

What you can do