Map of Europe Ireland Referendum Information Walter Hallstein, Founding President of the Brussels EU-Commission from 1957 to 1967. Until today the European Parliament lacks any right for legal initiatives and any effective control of the EU Commission Irish Times Forced to Respond Educational Material for Teachers and Students

The information on this website marks the beginning of the end of the undemocratic experiment of the “Brussels EU.” The immediate and fierce reactions to this exposé of the historic roots of the “Brussels EU” on the Nazi drawing boards leave no doubt: the construct of the “Brussels EU” cannot survive the publication of information on this website.

The erratic reactions of the “Brussels EU” to the launch of this website testify to both the accuracy and the significance of the documents contained herein. With the growing international attention the information on this website has already received – from politicians and the public alike – the following updates are being provided:

Unlawful interference, threats and propaganda
lead to Irish voting ‘Yes’ on Lisbon Treaty

Reaction to Our Education Campaign

Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty!

The Dark Roots of the “Brussels EU”

EU ELECTIONS 2009: The last twitching of a dead horse

“Brussels EU” construct further eroded

The role of the “Brussels EU” today

Why this information was published here

Background of the campaign “Reject the Lisbon treaty”

First reactions to the campaign “Reject the Lisbon treaty”

The final proof for the significance of this website:
The “Brussels EU” retaliates to the exposure of its Nazi roots
and launches a campaign to censor the internet across Europe

Email this message to the political decision-makers of Europe to inform them that you Reject the Lisbon Treaty