A “Europe by the people
and for the people” emerges

Our question to all the politicians we can reach from now on is simple: Are you willing to take responsibility for our children growing up in a Europe under a dictatorship of corporate interests?

You will notice that most politicians, confronted with these sobering facts, have no idea of the history of the “Brussels EU” or to what extent the political puppets of the chemical/pharmaceutical and oil Cartel manipulates other politicians to achieve its goals. It is therefore high time to present this knowledge to them.

After realizing the striking parallel between the “Cartel/Nazi Europe” and the “Brussels EU,” no politician who wants to be re-elected can defend the “Brussels EU” construct as a democratic institution any longer. And for those politicians who close their eyes to the truth, we remind them of the words of Michael Gorbachev to Erich Honecker one year before the Berlin Wall came down: “Life punishes those who come too late.“

We can speed up this “education process“ by writing to politicians who run for public office at regional, national and EU-wide elections and make them aware of these important facts. This would best be done via e-mail, as you then have irrefutable proof that the “political representative” was properly informed and cannot say: “I did not know”.

Our arguments are clear and immediately comprehensible for everyone: One entire century of terror and the destruction of the European continent by the “Icarus Sect” is enough. A hundred million people in two world wars are enough. The deaths of millions of people from toxic pharmaceuticals such as “chemo drugs” – sacrificed to the unscrupulous business with disease of the drug industry – are also enough.

It cannot be that, on one side of the Atlantic, the people of the United States of America vote for a President who proclaims a government “For the People by the People” and, at the same time, the people in Europe let themselves be frightened and led into another disaster by exactly the same interests who have spread death and destruction across Europe twice before!

The people of Europe have learned from history. Now that the origin of the “Brussels EU” has been traced back to the drawing boards of the Cartel/Nazi coalition these unscrupulous plans can no longer be implemented. The parallel to the Icarus myth is clearly apparent: The sun – i.e. the revelation of the truth – will melt the wings of the “Icarus Sect” and they will inevitably vanish from this planet.

After the failure to bring to justice the “Icarus Sect” and the chemical/drug cartel as the culprits responsible for two world wars, we now have a historic opportunity to stop the plans of the cartel for a third conquest of Europe and put an end to the regime of the “Icarus Sect”.