Why This Website

This website was established as a service to mankind. After being deliberately hidden away from public view for more than 50 years, the dark roots of the “Brussels EU” are now being exposed for the world to see. Collecting these historic documents was a painstaking and long-term project because the corporate interests behind the “Brussels EU” had invested significant amounts of money to cover their tracks.

How else can we explain that in the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal, the political and military puppets of the “Third Reich” were sentenced and their financiers from the infamous oil and drug cartel “IG Farben”, were set free to launch their next attempt on the conquest of Europe through the Brussels EU?

When publishing this historic information, we were fully aware that no government – let alone a Europe-wide government – could survive the exposure of its roots derived directly from the drawing boards of the Nazi/IG Farben-coalition. The information published on this website does not criticize individual players or mechanisms within the “Brussels EU” – it pulls away the entire moral, ethical and political legitimacy of this construct.

In the course of history many transitions took place. In most cases, defending the indefensible accelerated the demise of the status quo and the speed of transition.