Immediate Reactions to the Campaign
“Reject the Lisbon Treaty”

Mid-March 2009 we started the online protest campaign rejecting the Treaty of Lisbon as essentially an enabling act for the Brussels EU and the planned dictatorship of the oil and drug cartel over Europe.

This launch happened on the eve of the spring meeting of the Brussels EU from March 19-20. One of the most significant decisions taken at this meeting was to announce an expansion of the European Union’s territorial interests to countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldavia and Ukraine. Instead of reflecting on the mounting protests, the oil and drug cartel and its stakeholders in the EU Commission apparently issued the order, “attack is the best defense.” After having announced for two years a halt to any further expansion of the European Union, the cartel apparently had decided overnight to expand its territorial claim right to the borders of Russia.

The speed at which this “General Plan East” was to be realized was an additional indication of the desperation of the cartel and its stakeholders: already on May 7, a state conference was scheduled to take place in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

On March 24, the Czech parliament, in a vote of no confidence, dismissed the government of Prime Minster Topolanek. One of the accusations was the abuse of his constitutional powers in connection with his support of the “Brussels EU” “General Plan East.” Considering the amount of destruction and human suffering the Czech Republic suffered in 1938, during the last attempt of the oil and drug cartel to conquer Eastern Europe, this decision of the Czech parliament was no surprise.

To what extent the former Czech Prime Minister had been made a vassal of the oil and drug cartel’s global interest became immediately clear. The next morning, March 25, 2009, Topolanek arrived in Strasbourg to give a rallying speech in front of the EU Parliament, escorted by cartel figures like Merkel’s deputy and President of the EU Parliament, Pottering.

Visibly shaken by events the evening before, Topolanek, the sitting President of the EU Council, showed his real face. Without any need, he attacked the newly elected US president in an unprecedented manner, by calling his plan for global economic recovery a “road to hell.” It does not take a degree in psychology to understand what the message of Topolanek to Obama really was: “Go to Hell!”

Here, again, another wisdom of history comes to pass. When the forces of deception are exposed, they become so erratic that they show their true agenda. No doubt, the oil and drug cartel and its stakeholders had signed up the former Czech Prime Minister as one of their allies in the strategic plan to roll back the Movement of Change at a global level.