The “Brussels EU” Retaliates to the Exposure of its Dark Roots and Attempts to Censor the Internet Across Europe

When publishing the information on this website, we anticipated fierce reactions by the stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel, including efforts to block this website and prevent the dissemination about the Nazi roots of the “Brussels EU”.

Nevertheless, we decided to launch this website convinced that any attack on it or its contents would only testify the significance of its content, increase its significance and further accelerate the loss of credibility of the “Brussels EU”.

On March 25, 2009, only a few days after the launch of this website, among all EU countries, the German government launched an unprecedented plan to censor the internet. Under the control of a government agency, the entire internet should be permanently scrutinized for content “unsuitable” to the people of Germany. Without any court order, internet companies would be instructed to shutdown connections with any “unsuited” content. This surprise move could obviously not be sold to the German public just like that. So the cartel interests behind this internet censorship drew up a PR master plan of selling this fundamental attack on the constitutional right of the German people to free information behind a deceptive mask – the alleged fight against child pornography.

Let there be no mistake: child pornography is a crime and must be fought. But to use this as a pretext to set up a master plan to block independent information on the internet exposing the Nazi past as well as the dictatorial plans for Europe’s future by the oil and drug cartel is a crime against humanity.

Any censorship of the internet, including the information on this website, would prevent the people from having access to independent information, such as the historic facts documented on this website. Moreover, it is noteworthy how much in times of crisis the political maneuvers of the oil and drug cartel towards its goal to establish a dictatorship, are being copied from generation to the next. One of the first nationwide signals for the beginning Nazi dictatorship in 1933 was the public book burning, i.e. the elimination of any source of information critical to the beginning Nazi dictatorship. Now, three quarters of a century later, new technology to disseminate information has arrived with the internet. We must understand that the goals of the cartel then and now are exactly the same: the elimination of any independent information that endangers the global interests of the oil and drug cartel.

It therefore was not surprising, that on the very same day, March 25, 2009, the so-called Commissioner of Justice of the Brussels EU a staunch ally of Sarkozy, announced in front of international TV cameras that he intends to expand the internet censorship plan of the German government to all of Europe.

Thus, our anticipation when launching this information website became reality within less than two weeks. The information carried on these pages is apparently so dangerous to the global interests of the oil and drug cartel that they are willing to implement a Europe-wide censorship law in a desperate attempt to stabilize its power. This fact alone should tell anyone who studied these websites in disbelief about their significance, how important they really are, not just for the cartel, but – even more so – for the people.

If we do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past, now is the time and the dissemination of the information on this website, evidently, is a key tool to prevent history from repeating itself.

The reaction of the “EU Commission” to the exposure of the dark roots of the “Brussels EU” by attempting to censor the internet is not a sign of strength but of desperation. It is further prove of the fact that the oil and drug cartel – through its politburo, the “EU Commission”–  walks over basic civil rights in an attempt to turn Europe into a dictatorship on behalf of cartel interests.

Throughout history, one of the first steps in the build-up of any dictatorship has been the attempt to silence any dissenting voice and opposition. The plan of the oil and drug cartel to prolong its rule over this planet – with the help of a “junta” of appointed “EU Commissioners” and abuse the “Brussels EU” as its operative base – is no exception.

As the information on this website will continue to spread we will see the entire apparatus of the “Brussels EU” run amok against this website. Under a myriad of pretexts they will try to obstruct the further dissemination of the historic facts documented here.

What they have not understood yet: By doing so, they will testify to the accuracy and the significance of the information documented here. Moreover, with every attempt to cover up their dark roots on the drawing boards of the Nazi/cartel coalition, the “Brussels EU” will further accelerate its own demise.

The exposure of such grave historic facts takes away any moral legitimacy – and thereby any possibility of defending such an institution – its fate is sealed. The attempt of the oil and drug cartel to establish its rule over Europe via the “Brussels EU” is no longer viable, because the people of Europe have made a critical connection: They now see the direct connection between the “Brussels EU” plan and the previous attempts of oil and drug cartel to conquer Europe, including through their Nazi accomplices in WWII. The historical records of the “marriage” between the Nazis and the oil and drug cartel from the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal are documented at

Considering the moral collapse of the “Brussels EU” and its pending political demise, there now exists an objective need for the people of Europe to replace this failed “experiment” with a new, democratic Europe by the people and for the people.