The Role of the “Brussels EU” Today:

The “Brussels EU” construct today is being driven by the political stakeholders of the leading European oil and drug export nations, namely France and Germany. The plan of Sarkozy and Merkel is obvious: pressure the smaller and poorer European countries into a fateful “superstate” under their dictatorial control. Their goal is to turn the European continent into one giant market for the oil and drug cartel and render 500 million Europeans into servile consumers willing to sacrifice their health and life interests to these corporate interests for generations to come.

This global scheme should be obvious to anyone: Sarkozy has been brought to power by French multinationals like Total (Oil), Sanofi (Drugs), Dassault (Military Equipment) and Rothschild (Banking). Merkel has been brought to power by Bayer, BASF (drugs) and other companies. This list immediately shows the distinct interests in the political playing field: if the Movement of Change succeeds in replacing the tyranny of oil with renewable forms of energy, these companies lose billions of dollars.

At a time when new technologies in the field of energy and scientific discoveries in the field of health allow the people of Europe and the world to terminate superfluous and outdated dependencies, the stakeholders of the status quo can only survive in a dictatorial regime. Precisely that is their plan with the “Brussels EU”.