Background of the Campaign
“Reject the Lisbon Treaty”

After the publication of these historic facts on the internet, we considered it our responsibility to bring this important information to the attention of political decision takers across Europe. When the last conquest of Europe had failed, the most frequent excuse of its organizers throughout the Nuremberg Tribunal was: we didn’t know.

By confronting politicians across Europe with this grave information, we made sure that this excuse would not work this time. By encouraging citizens across Europe to send their protests against the Lisbon “enabling act” to their political representatives – connecting it with the historic information of this website – the age of silence was over. From now on, the people of Europe will be able to clearly distinguish their political representatives into two groups:

  1. Those who realize that, after the exposure of the roots of the “Brussels EU” in the Third Reich, this experiment has ended and needs to be swiftly replaced by an effort to build a democratic Europe under the broadest participation of its inhabitants.

  2. Those who live under the illusion that nothing has happened and continue to deceive their own constituents about the true nature of the “Brussels EU”, thereby acting diametrically against the health and life interests of the people of Europe.

We are convinced that this website and our campaign “Reject the Lisbon Treaty” is assisting people across Europe to clearly distinguish between these groups and draw their own conclusions.